Surrendering Does Not Mean I Am A Failure – How It Ends Is Up To You Part 1

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Inspiration.  Have you ever had a hard time finding it?  In English class they always talked about having writer’s block. A time when a writer wants to focus on a goal, but the words just don’t come out. The writer desires, craveslongs for the creativity, but when they are ready to go…. FLOP!

In my last blog, I shared on how we all are a success story, we just may be in the process of writing our “own story” and how it ends is up to you.

But, what if you have “writer’s block?”  You are ready to go with whatever goal you want to accomplish, but your mind is blank.  Maybe it’s because you are tired, you’ve been going at this for a long time.  It might be school, weight loss goals, your personal relationships, starting your own business, a goal that you have for your kids, even trying to create a life balance for yourself – anything!

But, here’s the thing.  You have writers block.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t want to do it, doesn’t mean you’re lazy, doesn’t mean you don’t desire inspiration, you do!

Remember – A Success Story tells the life of a person who is a Work In Progress. How they got from Point A to Point Z with all the good and bad in between.

Guess what?  It just means you are somewhere in between Point A and Z which is probably one of the most frustrating points to be in, because if you are like me – you want to know what the ending is, NOW!

“What’s my outcome?” you ask yourself “I wanna know what’s going to happen to me, even if it’s months, even years down the road.” The unknown future can be scary sometimes, it doesn’t offer us the facts that we crave for.  We live in an instant and fast paced society, where just at a touch of a pad, we have the opportunity to know everything that is going on in our world.

Our future, no matter how much we like to take control and plan it, is not always guaranteed to turn out the way we desire. Our future although based on known is also equally based on the unknown.

I have always been a “die-hard” cut things out “cold-turkey” kind of person. Always could do it, whether it be for lent, or some sort of challenge I was giving myself in order to reach a particular goal. Did this for years. Easy Peasy. Something I have always prided myself in. That is until I got burnt out doing it all the time.  This is something I struggled with, I felt like a failure because I always saw myself as a “conqueror” when it came to those sorts of things.

Then, I learned the word “Surrender” … what? Surrender?  But I AM A CONQUEROR!  I am someone who never gives up! I always win and I fight to the last fight! Surrender? Surrender to what?  I’m gonna try again. But. I just.. can’….

Now, surrendering does not mean that you are giving up!!! We are not at war with ourselves.


Surrendering .. How You Define It Is Up To You….

There are several definitions of “surrender”.  One is giving up to the enemy or opponent. Who’s your enemy, you? It shouldn’t be, you should be your best advocate, your number #1 cheerleader. If you’re not, then you need to think about it and who you surround yourself with. Which gives me thoughts for another blog.

Another definition of surrender is: to give the control or use of (something).  To agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting, etc.

You see, when we give up control of our own lives, we feel like we are giving it up to the unknown. We often fight or van unknownresist change. In some cases, it causes us to stop hiding and peek our head out of the caves that we have created for ourselves and face reality – or the sunshine.

Surrendering is not about giving up or giving in, it’s about letting go, accepting and having peace with the unknown. Actually being excited about doing so and looking at it as a road full of possibilities. Possibilities that you never hoped or dreamed of. Possibilities beyond your human imagination and you have packed up that van ready to go!

“Control.”  When it comes to wanting to control our own lives to guarantee a particular outcome, we then become our worst enemies and “control” is our number #1 weapon against ourselves.

Control is the opposite of freedom.  It does not allow for creativity, no real substance, does not give rise to new opportunities, innovation. Control only makes room for anger, frustration, failure and depression. We go into a dark cave of closed mindedness, doesn’t give the chance for fresh air to breath.

Control kills inspiration.  Inspiration is found deep within our souls, our hearts that gives us the hope, faith, motivation and energy to keep going. Freedom allows us to love ourselves and life.

same old wayAllowing For Change – Finding A Better Way To Do Things

For me, to surrender in my situation didn’t mean I needed to give up on my achieved goal, believe me this particular goal I am still working on it – not quite there yet to share with everyone.  But I am definitely in the middle of Point A – Z.

Surrendering in this situation meant doing things the “same old way” in order to achieve my goal was not working! If you think about it that way, how boring! I had to take some time out to re-assess my situation and find a “new way” to do this or accept, move on and find something new that was more fitting for me. “Something New” … now, doesn’t that bring in the butterflies in your stomach? How exciting!

Taking One Step At A Time…. The Seed Turns Into A Tree

It’s okay to take things one step at a time in order to accomplish our goals and dreams that the little mustard seed inside of us has created.  Society often tells us that we need to be fast, jump in feet first and take a dive.  Not always the case. Sometimes it’s good. But, maybe more times that not, we need to take things one step at a time.      

mustard tree It’s like that Mustard Seed Of Hope I talked about last week. Taking things one step at a time allows for that seed to grow. It allows it to plant roots firm into to the ground, it gives us the chance to nurture, take pride in being the person who helped the mustard seed grow into a strong beautiful tree full of life.  See it takes time for the Mustard Seed to receive it’s branches. Branches need a strong, thick trunk because their life depends upon it. The trunk, needs the roots to plant itself firmly on. The roots need the seed to begin life.

But. when the branches are ready to grow and expand the life of the tree, the seed, the roots, the trunk, the branches and the leaves  are ready to give and pour back the love that was poured into it. This is part of the choice that we make and how our Success Story Is Written.  When things aren’t going “our way” by using our current method, are we willing to take a step back, re-assess our situation, be ready for a new game plan and move forward taking one step at a time?

I Am Not A Failure ….

waterfallSomething we have to remind ourselves often. But more often than not, we tell ourselves the opposite right? Well, today it’s time you take a stand and declare with your arms spread WIDE and say “I AM NOT A FAILURE!  “I AM A SUCCESS STORY!!” … “MY STORY IS CURRENTLY BEING WRITTEN, IT’S JUST NOT FINISHED YET”.  

Embrace the rainbow of possibilities, the beauty of the unknown. The unknown doesn’t have to be about fear. It’s about giving us hope for the future, when doing things the “same o’l way” has brought us down. I don’t know about you, but I want to be the guy in this picture shouting at the top of my lungs proclaiming my desire for a whole new world that is ready to open up for me and all the things my human mind could never conceive.


Powerful words.  As I write them, I feel inspired, something I struggled with as I had writer’s block this morning 😉

You see, I struggled for words to write my 2nd blog this past week. I was suppose to write it Thursday night and now here we are, Sunday morning. I had a particular subject in mind, but every time I put my pen to paper, the words just didn’t come out. I knew what I wanted to do, what I wanted to write about, but every time I tried I got a “blank” note card that didn’t even have a picture in it to give me ideas to inspire me to write.

dawnBut, as I rose this morning before sunrise and wrote a few things in my notepad before I transferred it electronically, I realized I was in the silence and the world around me was asleep. Then I was able to be open and listen. My inspiration came and writer’s block was no more.  You see in the silence I was able to realize that what I set out to do, the subject I wanted to focus on, wasn’t really what was meant to be, at least not for today…

Sometimes, we fight, resist or even hide from what it is meant to be because we are so focused on a goal or a dream that is not meant for us, not recognizing that there is something better for us out there, we just don’t realize it yet…That’s when we are required to walk into the silence to listen……

You see, how it ended was up to me. I choose to give up control of my writing mission and allowed myself to listen in the silence to be free with new thoughts and as a result I wrote for over an hour, even started on 3 new different blogs. I feel so inspired! I feel creative and yes, I AM A CONQUEROR!

One of my favorite contemplative writers Thomas Keating wrote  “Silence is God’s first language, everything else is a poor translation.”

What hope or inspiration is in your silence today?

woman-865021_640This is my “theme picture” for the day,why? It shows of a woman surrendering, but yet, she is so free, confident and strong. She stands on a fallen tree trunk, maybe the o’l log represents a story she just finished or a goal/dream that didn’t come true. The trunk is no longer attached to it’s roots, but the roots are still there right next to it. The trunk still represents life and encourages her to start a new venture, new hopes, new dreams. I see no fear as see yields herself to the silence with open arms, ready for what life brings her and ready to take it on! She has no fear of falling.Her roots are planted deep in the ground, her body is the trunk that withstands time, her arms are her branches that exclaims “I am ready!”

When you go about your business today, greet life with open arms. Welcome creativity in your story as you pick up the pen. Look at yourself in the rear view mirror and say:

“I Am Not A Failure”

“I Am A Success Story”

and … My Story Has Just Begun!

Stayed Tuned for Part 2 On How It Ends Is Up To You “Walking In the Silence … Finding Inspiration From Within”.

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