I Am A Success Story!


Often times we focus on those things that we feel we are “stuck in”.  We focus on  what we are unable to do not because we are lazy and have no desire to succeed, but because there are situations, life challenges that apprehend and slow us down …. almost to the point of a complete “STOP”.

Sound familiar?

When we are in the midst of this “limbo” where we feel like we can’t finish the race, or even quite commonly feel like we are less than who we are because we are not functioning at our 100% – feelings of doubt, fear or giving up hope come across our life path as we work so hard to achieve a particular outcome.

Instead of moving forward, it feels like we keep trying to tear down this brick wall that seems unbreakable. We want to throw up our hands and say “I give up!!, What’s the use?? I’ve tried everything I possibly could and I get no where“.  I compare it to running miles on the treadmill and ending up in the same spot of the room from whence you began.


There is that tiny Mustard Seed of Hope. Faith. Faith in  yourself that doesn’t allow you to stop.  Maybe that brick wall is unbreakable using your current method of tearing it down, but doesn’t mean there is not an alternative, another solution to make it crumble…

It’s during this time of the “Mustard Seed” that we must remind ourselves that I Am A Success Story!.

“Well, I haven’t succeeded at my goals or what I want in my life” you may tell yourself “therefore, I am not a success story”.

But, isn’t that what a success story is?

A success story is like no other “life” story written.

A success story is about a Work In Progress. A story of Growth, Challenges, Pain, Perseverance, Faith, Hope and Love – Loving yourself and others to the point that you won’t give up – on your dreams, your goals, your vision. You fill in the blanks.

So what if you haven’t achieved all that you set out to achieve.

I have a question for ya – Are you happy? Is there something inside of you that is itching to get out? Do you feel like you are done yet? That you have surrendered and are content. Forever?

Maybe your desires, visions, dreams, goals have changed. Guess What.  That’s ok!  It just means you are growing as a person and You Still Are A Success Story!

Remember – A Success Story tells the life of a person who is a Work In Progress. How they got from Point A to Point Z with all the good and bad in between.

You are in the process of Writing Your Own Success Story, you just haven’t written the ending yet.  Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

Now, how it ends is up to you ……

When you walk out of your door today look yourself in the mirror and say “I Am A Success Story” and before you go home to bed at night say the same thing.  It will change your heart, mind and perspective.  It just might cause you to want to get up every morning and do some jumping jacks or sing and dance in your car on your way to work 😉

Quote to Ponder:  “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Mt 17:20

What brick walls or mountains do you need to conquer today?  Do you have that Mustard Seed Of Hope that won’t allow you to give up completely? Remember “You Are A Success Story!”

Stay Tuned for Part 2 titled “Write Your Own Story” more to come on “How It Ends Is Up To You…”

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